Mercator was founded in 1996 by Tim Healy. Since then, we have conducted over 1000 projects spanning the public and private sectors, with clients national and international, small and large. We have talked to all sorts of people for our clients – parents about their children, cancer patients about their care, millionaires about their savings, farmers about their cattle and doctors about their health.

What We Do


Our research philosophy is to make it as easy as possible for our client’s customers to tell us as much as possible about how they feel and behave, and to report it in a relevant and actionable way.


Even today, business is still mostly about people and we can offer clients our models of how customers think and feel about brands and services, as a stand-alone service.


Tim Healy was the first account planner in Ireland (in McConnell’s in the mid-1980s) and brings this experience of developing communications strategy to all of his work. Mercator provides an account planning service to agencies and clients, with or without a research component