X Factor

A recent episode of X-Factor (November 18, 2012) provided an interesting reminder not just of the power of the floating voter but the importance of knowing what it is that makes your brand tick.

Ella Henderson, a 16-year old with a voice widely praised by the judges, was voted off the show by the public. Nobody saw it coming: she had never been in the bottom two before.

So what went wrong? Perhaps her mentor Tulisa, became a little complacent and a daring artistic initiative - singing the ‘electrifying’ Grease song “You’re the one that I want” at snail’s pace - became Ella’s undoing.

What this suggests is that, up to that point, Ella’s votes were coming partly from those who admired her singing and partly from those who liked the songs which, of course she delivered so well.

The latter camp fell away when the song was wrong, and a perfectly good brand was suddenly out of business because her management, while aware of how popular she was were less familiar with all the reasons why.