In Demand: Clarity and Horse-meat

The story goes that, in recessions of years gone by, the sales of tinned pet food increased, and maybe it’s still happening today. Nobody wanted to ask the question directly if some of this food was being eaten by humans but most people presumed it was and, after all, the story goes, executives who worked in a pet food company were required to eat the products from time to time. They lived to tell the tale.

Job descriptions aside, apparently there are some people who are perfectly happy to eat horse-meat and who cheerfully point out that this is not unusual in other countries.

So perhaps the message from consumers is very simple: don’t put pig-meat in my hamburgers, don't put horse-meat in my beefburgers, and put whatever is fit for human consumption in my cheap burgers (and if I choose to avoid inspecting the label too closely, that's my decision).

In other words, the central issue in this matter is transparency. The opportunity is also transparent if some company chooses to ignore the nay-sayers.